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 Dumbbell Rows

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MessageSujet: Dumbbell Rows   Mer 17 Aoû - 9:04

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Performing dumbbell rows is a requisite exercise to building a strong upper body. The back muscles, particularly the lateral muscles get a boost when dumbbell rows are performed. There are two sectors that can be performed. Armed rows and bent-over dumbbell rows are the two types of workouts that are dedicated to building the back muscles. When you are thorough with the one armed rows and bent-over dumbbell rows, you could switch to performing barbell rows and dead lifts. For men to perform higher and more complicated workout regimen like bench press, executing dumbbell rows becomes a prerequisite. It would be highly beneficial for men to have wider back. This will indeed have an advantage for women practicing the dumbbell rows exercise as this would adorn them with wider and well-toned shoulder muscles, thereby giving an illusion of being narrow at the waist.

Before You Perform the Dumbbell Rows You Must...

* Arm yourself with light weights, especially if you are a beginner and continue to use them until you become a pro at the workout.
* Warm up well. Doing cardiovascular exercise and indulging yourself in stretches before the dumbbell rows is a must.
* Stretch optimally to make your body flexible and less prone to injuries.
* Rotate at your waist. Twirl in a circular manner from the waist for higher flexibility. You could also resort to getting hold of an object that is hefty by nature, thereby helping you to bend from the waist.
* Hold on to a firm object, an iron rod for instance, preferably fixed on the wall. Extend your hands towards it and hold on to it, and stretch yourself till you feel a firm pull at your waist.

How to do the Dumbbell Rows

As mentioned in the earlier section of the piece, dumbbell rows is one of the best back workouts for men and has two sections in which it can be performed. We would first elucidate the performance of one arm dumbbell rows.

One Arm Dumbbell Rows

The one arm dumbbell row is performed in order to isolate and provide a separate workout to the arms. It would be to your advantage to kick start your session with lighter weights. You could resort to move on to the heavier weights once you have mastered the single arm dumbbell rows workout. The one arm dumbbell row also called the renegade dumbbell rows must be performed in the following manner.

1. With your knee placed firmly on a bench, your body must be supported with the hand belonging to the same side as the knee.
2. Your position is deemed correct when the upper body is parallel to the floor.
3. In the process, your back must remain erect. You must also ensure that your back is firm, not being prone to movement.
4. With the weight hanging down towards the floor, you must feel the stretch.
5. This stretch must continue to be felt even when you are lifting the weights and holding on for a count of one.
6. Let the dumbbell reach the level of your abs and not your chest.
7. Work the laterals which in turn helps you to work your biceps.
8. Be very careful with your arm movement. Ensure that your back remains straight. If your back becomes mobile, leaving it free to sustain jerks, you could risk a lower back injury.
9. You must bear in mind that you need to lower the weights steadily.
10. The adequate number of reps must be continued and completed on one side to culminate one set. The next set must consist of reps that should be performed on the other side. You could perform 2 to 3 sets consisting of 8 to 10 repetitions for each side.

Bent over Dumbbell Rows

1. Get your feet close together, however maintain a slight distance between the feet. The distance must be proportional to the width of your shoulder or slightly wider than the shoulder width.
2. Now bend yourself at the waist.
3. Ensure that your back is straight with your head facing in the front.
4. Pay attention to your knees. They must be slightly bent.
5. Hang your arms loose extending towards the shin.
6. Do not entertain any movement of your arms. This may adversely affect your lower back and cause severe spasms and injuries.
7. Lift the weights towards the sides of your waist and not your chest. You have to work your lats and your back muscles and not your biceps.
8. Lower the weight with thorough control and hold for a count of one.
9. You could perform this dumbbell row exercise for 2 to 3 sets that contain 10 to 12 repetitions.

As far as the battle between the dumbbell rows and barbell rows is concerned, we may conclude that the former are preferred by and large by the lifting community. This is due to the fact that the barbell rows concentrate predominantly on the postures of the body during the execution of the workout. The lats are worked out in the barbell row workout however not up to the optimal level. On the contrary, the dumbbell rows give you the perfect technique to balance your body, particularly the one arm rows.

Hope this article on dumbbell rows has equipped you with information that you have been wanting to know. So with these instructions at hand, you are in the position to perform dumbbell rows with ease and greater proficiency.
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Dumbbell Rows
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