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 Constant Hunger

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MessageSujet: Constant Hunger   Sam 20 Aoû - 8:30

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Franzi was a normal girl, leading perfectly normal life. Suddenly she started suffering from constant hunger pangs. Sometimes, she would be excessively thirsty and sometimes, we would have to force herself to drink water. She started feeling very fatigued all the time. She felt her body was not able to get sufficient energy for the daily activities, which made her suffer from constant hunger. She started weighing about 30 pounds more than her previous weight.

There is a similar story of Johanna. She is just 16 year old teenager. She suffers from hunger pains all the time. She feels so hungry all the time, that she wants to eat all that is there at home. The problem of "constant hunger" is aggravating with each passing day. No matter, how much she eats, she still has the hunger pains.

Do these stories have any thing in common with your story as well? A number of people all over the world have to deal with hunger issues. There are some who suffer from ‘no hunger’, while there are some who have to deal with ‘constant hunger’ and the third group is of people, who have to deal with hunger, every few hours. Let’s see what are the causes of constant hunger.

Causes of Constant Hunger

Hunger is a basic physical drive. It is important to understand that hunger in itself is healthy, but in spite of eating your fill, if you feel constant hunger, then it is not a healthy sign. If we have to find ways of battling it, we will have to see what is it that gives rise to constant hunger.

Low Fat Foods
There are a number of people who will tell you that cutting fat from your diet is important to lose weight. However, according to the latest research, cutting fat from the diet results in weight gain as opposed to desired weight loss. Low fat refined carbohydrates, which are consumed by most of the people these days do not leave the person satisfied, rather leave the person hungry and asking for more. The glycemic index of carbohydrates without fat is very high, which causes rapid spike in blood sugar levels and quick conversion of sugar into fat. This process leaves no energy for the brain or for the body. The whole process causes constant hunger and exhaustion.

Emotional Eating
A lot of people use food to tide over the bad emotional phase they are going through. Many a times, have you noticed, you reach for junk food when you are sad? This is when you should prevent yourself from eating, as you do not need the food physically, but emotionally. You may want to know, how to suppress hunger and how to stop emotional eating.

This is one of the main reasons why a person eats more. A person sits in front of the television and leads a sedentary and bored life. To add to it, there are advertisements that bombard the person with images of sugary and nutrition deficient food. It is important to break the habit of sitting in front of the television set and eating, as you will not pay attention to the nutritional value of food you eat.

We are no more as active as the previous generations used to be. Man has automated most things. We have escalators and elevators to take us up and down, vehicles to transport us, etc. This has made us very inactive. The previous generations would walk to reach up or down or to their destinations. The number of steps walked by the previous generations was about 15,000 steps per day, but our generation walks less than 3000 steps each day. This causes storage of sugar, added to stress that we all go through. You may choose to exercise everyday to treat the problem.

Treating Constant Hunger

Constant hunger and weight gain has reached the proportion of an epidemic now. Let us take a look at some measures which can help us treat this epidemic.

* The first step, you will have to undertake is to avoid the so called ‘low fat food’ or low fat diet and make healthy fats a part of your diet. Remember certain amount of fat is also necessary for good skin, hair and hormonal balance. Include good fat such as eggs, olive oil, fish, avocado, yogurt, coconut, etc. in your diet and avoid deep fried and processed food.
* If you realize your hunger is more emotional than physical, you will have to take the measures required for the same. At the same time, if you have eaten something do not feel guilty about it. Rather make a resolution that you will not indulge in emotional eating next time and stick by your resolution.
* Do not be a couch potato, if you are one. Make it a habit to go for daily walks or play a game or go for a swim. At the same time, stop the habit of eating in front of the television. If your table faces the television, you should turn your back towards it, when you eat.
* Exercises are of great help not only for weight loss, but also for keeping hormones under check. Since you are not used to exercises, you can start off with exercising for 15 minutes and then increase the time. If you are prefer sports, you can also choose to start playing a sport.

You will have to find the cause of constant hunger in your case yourself. If you are not able to, you may want to talk to your health care professional about the same. There can be some allied problem, which you are not able to see yourself. The doctor may conduct some tests, which may help in finding the problem. Accordingly, he will be in a better position to treat the problem.
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Constant Hunger
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