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 Foam Roller Benefits

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MessageSujet: Foam Roller Benefits   Sam 20 Aoû - 10:54

If you get a chance to go for a relaxing body massage after a day long hectic schedule then I am sure you will not reject it. But spending money on a massage which can be done at home will definitely be a waste. Well a foam roller will help you get the same relaxation at home. A foam roller, as the name suggests, is a long cylindrical rolling foam which is very widely used in gyms and yoga institutes where they teach you how to use it. But do you know what are the foam roller benefits and uses? In this article, we are going to discuss about the benefits and uses of foam rollers.

Benefits of Foam Rolling

A foam roller is an inexpensive, lightweight and easy to use piece of exercise equipment. It is used for many purposes. It is usually of two types half round and full round. The half round is for beginners and the complete round is used in the later exercises. If we overview the benefits of foam roller then we can say that it is used in many exercises, self massage and physical therapy sessions. Let's understand foam roller benefits detail in the following given paragraphs.

Self Massage Therapy
You may get tired after gym or physical activity or after a long day of work or just by sitting in front of your computer for a long period. Relax your body with the use of a foam roller. Just lay down on your back over the foam roller and keep rolling for about 15 to 20 minutes. Just doing this will give you the benefits of a good massage therapy. Your body weight will put the pressure on the body and your muscles, tendons and tissue will get stretched and relaxed. This will improve the blood flow and will strengthen your muscles.

Performing Exercises
Foam roller may help you to perform stretching exercises even in the areas which are practically impossible to stretch. For instance your outer thigh. You can just lie to your side over the foam roller just few inches under your hips and start rolling. This will stretch your thighs and will help in improving the blood flow. Similarly it can be used for many other exercises.

Injury Rehabilitation
You can also relieve any tension and pain in muscles and tendons with a foam roller. They are considered best in the rehabilitation of break down of scar tissues, sprains, splints etc. You can just work on the affected or injured area for few minutes daily and can cope with the pain in a few days. This is the reason why foam rollers are used in the gyms after the session so as to relax the body and get rid of any pains and injuries.

Posture Improvement
Foam roller helps in the strengthening and developing of core muscles which in turn help in the improvement of the body posture. You can concentrate on the core areas and can get the proper posture. You can also consult a physician for more helpful exercises with the foam roller to improve the posture and for other physical fitness activities.

Balancing Training
Many people who are into balance training use foam rollers to balance their body. They stand over the foam roller and try to balance the body with one foot. This helps them in concentrating on the pose and alignment of the body. A beginner can start with the half round first and once they get an idea of balancing their body with it, they can switch to the full round foam roller.

There are many foam roller exercises which can add to the foam roller benefits. So, just get one from the nearby sports shop as it will not cost you much. Use it daily to maintain proper blood flow and strengthen your muscles.
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Foam Roller Benefits
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