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 Slant Board for Calf Stretch

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MessageSujet: Slant Board for Calf Stretch   Sam 20 Aoû - 10:54

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It is not uncommon to see a number of athletes suffering from calf injuries. The most important cause of these injuries are tight calf muscles. Most athletes opine that their training is the most important part, however, they ignore the fact that along with training, the warm up and cool down stretches are an important part of their training. To avoid injuries to the calf muscles, an athlete should get into the habit of stretching the calf muscles after their workout. One can use the slant board for calf stretches as well. Not only will the slant board add resistance to the workout, but it also places the body in a more natural position and avoids straining the calf muscles.

Slant Board Benefits for Calf Exercises

A slant board is used for stretching the calf muscles and the Achilles tendons. Most of the slant boards available in the market have adjustable angles, due to which they have better efficiency and effectiveness as compared to working out on flat surfaces. A person with tight calf muscles often finds it difficult to work the calf muscles, this is when the slant board comes to its rescue. It is also useful in conditions like plantar fasciitis, ankle sprains, heel spurs, tendonitis of the foot, Achilles tendon, etc. Balancing your weight is also better on the slant board. Other than the calf muscles, the hamstring and gluteal muscles are also stretched by the slant board.

Slant Board Exercises

People who have used the slant board for stretching are of the opinion that the slant board takes the exercise intensity to the next level. It makes use of gravity, where resistance is added to the workout and there is shift in weight as well. Just a small tip while using the slant board is to remember the sharper the incline, more the intensity of the workout.

Achilles Tendon Stretch
Stand in front of the slant board, such that the slant side of the slant board is facing you. Place the feet, toes first, on the slant board. Bend your knees a little and hold the stretch for 30 seconds. If the incline of the slant board is too much, then put one of the legs behind, so that you feel moderate stretch on the Achilles tendon. Hold the position for 20 to 30 seconds and change legs and repeat the same with the other leg.

Heel Raises
Stand on the edge of the slant board with your heels hanging off the board. Slowly raise your heels and shift the weight onto the balls of the feet. lower your feet, so that they are hanging off the board again. Continue to do this at different inclinations 10 to 12 times. To add further intensity to the calf stretch, you can also use weights.

Slant Board for Calf Stretch Reviews

People who have been using slant board for their workout regime will vouch for the fact that it helps in intensifying the exercise a lot. If one has to go to a sports shop, one will see that slant boards are available in different sizes. Likewise, there are specific slant boards for the calf exercises as well.

Fitter First Slant Board 14 Inch $99.95

* Made from wood, with adjustable levels and easy storage.
* Helps in increasing flexibility and reducing tension from the calf muscles.

Therapy Zone Multi Positioning Slant Board $59.99

* Made from high impact plastic
* It can be adjusted to 4 levels, but using it is very easy.
* It is also ergonomic, comfortable and adjustable.

RiversEdge Adjustable Stretch Board $105.00

* It is made from birch wood with clear poly coat.
* Helps in increasing flexibility and improving posture.

Stroops Slant Board 22 Degrees $56.00

* Can be adjusted to two different angles.
* The surface is industrial grade non slip material.
* Made using welded steel.

ShapeUpShop Tri-Level Incline Board $59.95

* Stretches not just the calves, but also the lower and upper back.
* Composite plastic used to make the slant board.
* It can be adjusted to 4 levels.

If you suffer from any ankle or knee injury, consult your therapist before you make use of a slant board for calf stretch. It is advisable to use the slant board under supervision to ensure you are using the board correctly and avoid injuries.
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Slant Board for Calf Stretch
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