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 Head Pain When Bending Over

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MessageSujet: Head Pain When Bending Over   Dim 21 Aoû - 7:35

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There are times when one complaints about how one feels a sharp stinging pain in the head when one bends over. You may bend down to clean your shelf and discard the magazines seated in there; they being as archaic as you, and when you rise, you feel that the world is spinning and your eyes endure a feeling of seeing vibgyor discs. Your vision blurs for a few seconds and you feel normal after sometime. One may ignore this occurrence once or twice, but a repetition of the same may be a cause for concern. Head pain when bending over is a condition that can have many causes. It is better that one does not neglect the condition and seeks medical advise for the same.

What Causes Severe Headache When Bending Over?

Headaches may cause doubts in one's mind, when they become recurrent, otherwise, one is only left to ignore the condition as one is sure to feel better in just some time. However, when headache is accompanied with the vision going blurred, one may feel the need to find the cause for the same. Explicated here are some of the causes of head pain while bending.

Sinus Headache
Sinus headache may be characterized as a headache where the individual either suffers from a throbbing pain or a simmering often twitching pain in the forehead. There are other points such as near the eyes, the nose bridge and the cheeks where sinus pain is experienced. Sinus pain near the temples erupts when the sinuses in the specific area sustain an inflammation. When one has a chronic sinus problem, pain in the head while bending over suddenly occurs. Any activity that involves you leaning over and conducting an activity may induce episodes where one may face a sudden upsurge of head pain.

Vertigo is a condition in which the individual may feel that everything around him is spinning. Episodes of a blackout or just going completely blank may indicate that the individual is suffering from vertigo. Having a heavy head and being unable to lift your head from the pillow is a sign that one is suffering from vertigo. The head pain escalates if one attempts to bend over.

Cough Headache
Head pain in the back of the head when bending over is a characteristic of cough headaches. Sharp pain in the head, predominantly affecting both the sides of the head can be caused when suffering from severe cold and cough. The head pain may influx suddenly and can last for a few seconds to 30 minutes.

Anxiety and stress are two factors that are held responsible headaches. When excessively stressed, you may experience a shooting pain in the head that culminates with you feeling nauseous, with the eyelids feeling weighed down. You may also feel like throwing up and it is after this that you may feel better.

Tension Headache
This type of headache radiates forming a band on the forehead. The pain in the process also grips the neck and the individual may feel weighed down. Tension headaches are triggered by bending over and then suddenly rising. A cause that has been found to trigger this reaction is constant stress that lurks on in an individual's mind.

Treatment for Head Pain When Bending Over

There is no treatment in particular unless it becomes consistent. If the headache and the resultant symptoms occur once in a while, there is nothing that should cause worry. Home remedies that you may put to practice could be:

* Exercising well. Go for casual walks, jogs, practice yoga and meditation. This increases blood circulation.
* Drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated.
* Avoid fatty and oily foods. They may give you a heavy head and a throbbing head pain while you bend to do any activity.
* If you have to bend over and work, change your position. Position yourself on a chair and work without bending or leaning over.
* Close your eyes for a few seconds when you feel that your head spins after bending down. Stand still or seat yourself on a chair for a few minutes. Wait for the equilibrium to return, drink water and get back to work.

This was some information about head pain when bending over. Consulting a medical practitioner if the episodes of pain are recurrent, is advisable.
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Head Pain When Bending Over
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