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 Inflammation in the Body

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MessageSujet: Inflammation in the Body   Mar 16 Aoû - 18:29

Inflammation in the body is a normal reaction of the white blood cells of the body to protect us from infection caused by harmful bacteria, viruses and from any other unwanted substances entering our body. During the process the white blood cells release some chemicals in order to fight with these infections. For instance, when we get a cold, the fever is a form of inflammation in the body which helps to eliminate all the harmful effects of the infecting virus. However, there are some inflammations in the body that disturbs the balance of the body and may cause diseases.

What Causes Inflammation in the Body?

There are a number of factors that lead to inflammation in the body. A poorly balanced diet that consists of processed foods, refined flours, high sugar content and various types of inflammatory fats can give rise to inflammation. Some kind of infection caused by virus, bacteria or parasites. Sometimes these infections are hidden and do not get identified easily. Allergens enter the body through food or from the environment. Adverse effects of toxic substances like pesticides or harmful chemicals and any forms of stress, be it psychological, physical, or emotional. Cortisol, also known as stress hormones, are released into the body because of stress. When there is a rise in the levels of the cortisol, it cause inflammation.

What are the Inflammation in the Body Symptoms?

The symptoms that are most often observed in the joints of the body are stiffness and pain in the joints accompanied by redness and swelling. As a result, the joint may get weakened. Other symptoms are susceptibility towards various infections, heartburn, chills and fever, headache, signs of aging, fatigue, loss of appetite, etc. Inflammation in the body causes diseases like gout, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, diabetes, skin infections like acne and psoriasis, etc. When inflammation in the body affects the internal organs of the body then certain symptoms are observed. Like inflammation of the heart lead to shortness of breath, inflammation of lung tubes cause asthma, inflammation of kidneys leads to kidney failure of high blood pressure and inflammation of large intestine give rise to stomach cramps and diarrhea.

How to Reduce Inflammation in the Body Naturally?

Identification of the chief causes of inflammation in the body is a must to get rid of this problem. Once you have done that you have to make some necessary changes in lifestyle to tackle the cause of inflammation in the body. Following are the best ways that can help in reduction in inflammation in the body.

Reduce Stress: You should learn some techniques to bring down mental stress and start relaxation. Some of the commonly used techniques for relaxation are yoga meditation, deep breathing exercises or taking a hot bath. Find out which of the one is suitable for you and practice that regularly.

Control Allergies: Any form of allergies tend to make the body sensitive and the body is at greater risk of getting inflammation. Therefore, you should take all necessary measures that can help you keep allergies in check. Identify the food that often cause food allergies and strictly stay away from them. Read more on allergies.

Diet: A proper diet is very important for healing up the inflammation of the body. You have to include more and more whole foods, high fiber foods in your diet. Plant based diet have natural anti inflammatory properties is also good. Foods like nuts, avocados, small fish like sardines, wild salmon, herring and olive oil can provide you with omega-3 essential fats that do not cause inflammation. In short, all kinds of fresh, whole real foods should be there and all processed and refined foods should be avoided. Read more on anti-inflammation diet.

Exercise: Inclusion of exercise in the daily regime has several benefits. It can bring down the stress level of the body to a great extent. It has a strengthening effect on the overall immune system as well as the cardiovascular system. It can lift your spirits and keep you happy. All these factors have a positive effect on both mind and body. Read more on exercises.

There are many medicines that can reduce the symptoms of inflammation in the body but most of them have one or more side effects. For that reason, it is always advisable to maintain a healthy lifestyle which can control the symptoms of inflammation in the body and at the same time prevent further occurrence.
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Inflammation in the Body
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