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 Knee Arthritis Symptoms

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MessageSujet: Knee Arthritis Symptoms   Mar 16 Aoû - 18:29

The word arthritis originates from a Greek word, meaning 'inflammation of the joints'. Arthritis results in the disorder of body joints. The most common types of arthritis which are commonly seen among aging people, are osteoarthritis (OA), psoriatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and septic arthritis. When the cartilage of the joint, deteriorates gradually, it is called osteoarthritis. As it hardens over a period of time, it leads to deformity. Inflammation of membranes is an example of autoimmune disease, rheumatoid arthritis, which is a result of over active immune system. RA affects symmetrical body parts like, both hands and knees. The rheumatoid arthritis knee symptoms are very slow in manifesting themselves. Wear and tear of body due to age, overweight, common knee injuries, trauma to the knee joint and any illness and infection, genetic factors can lead to knee arthritis. Abnormal metabolism can also lead to knee arthritis. A person having knee-arthritis can face a lot of difficulty in carrying out day-to-day activities. Here is an overview of knee arthritis symptoms.

Arthritis Symptoms in Knees

* General symptoms: The symptoms of arthritis in knee can vary from person to person. Fever, fatigue, muscle pain, loss of appetite and loss of energy, weight loss, are some of the commonly observed arthritis symptoms in knee. Read more on early symptoms for rheumatoid arthritis.
* Burning Sensation: Along with the pain in knee joint, there can be a burning sensation in muscles and tendons of the surrounding areas. Pain can be due to the repeated use of the joint and so, can get aggravated in the later part of the day. Read more on early symptoms of arthritis.
* Crunching Sensation: Once the cartilage is worn out, a sensation of grinding or crunching is sensed in the knee joint. It is associated with bone grinding against bone. There can be a clicking or cracking noise, when the knee joint is moved.
* Limited Motion: As there is pain on the inside of the knee, during any activity involving the knee, the range of motion is limited. There is difficulty in bending and strengthening the leg.
* Difficulty to Use Stairs: Difficulty in climbing the stairs or difficulty while stepping down, can be one of the knee arthritis symptom. Read more on arthritis symptoms in legs.
* Deformity of Knee: Knee arthritis results in wearing away of the protective cartilage, exposing the bare bone within the joint. Knock knees or bow legs are observed, as the arthritis of the knee symptoms.
* Morning Stiffness: A noticeable stiffness in the knee joint upon waking up in the morning, is the first early symptom of knee arthritis. During day time, there can be some amount of improvement.
* Inflammation: There is redness, swelling or some tenderness around knee. The swollen knee is puffy to touch.
* Hard Bumps: Hard bumps can appear around the knee.
* Pain: There is constant pain in the knee joint. This joint pain becomes severe if knee arthritis is left untreated.

If the movement of the knee joint is slightly painful, knee exercises can help relieve the pain. If knee arthritis is diagnosed, then knee exercises for arthritis will surely be a part of the arthritis treatment suggested by the doctor. Aerobic exercises, especially water aerobics are used to treat arthritis. Weight loss and specific arthritis diet are also suggested to patients of arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis can not be cured. There are anti inflammatory drugs and pain killers available, which are prescribed to ease the pain and swelling. Knee replacement surgery is mostly the last option for the treatment of knee arthritis.

After reading the above knee arthritis symptoms, you would not ignore any knee pain or any difficulty noticed in the knee-movement. I am sure, you would report it to the physician, as early as possible, as you now know that this fast action will provide faster relief and also, that the quick decision will surely prevent the condition of knee arthritis from worsening. You can follow herbal remedies for arthritis and you can always keep in mind the list of foods to avoid with arthritis.
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Knee Arthritis Symptoms
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